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Health Insurance FAQ

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, all international SUNY students, visiting scholars and those participating in a study abroad program are required to carry the SUNY United Health Care student insurance policy. It provides comprehensive medical insurance for accidents and illness, plus medical/security evacuation and repatriation coverage. 

If you are a fully online student taking classes at Buffalo State from your home country, health insurance is not required.

Can I buy a policy from another company?

No, Buffalo State does not accept waivers for the SUNY insurance requirement.

Where can I find my insurance card?

After you are enrolled in coverage, you can make an account online at to access your ID card, see your policy details and enroll dependents.

What does the policy cover?

Students are billed for the academic year 8/15/2020 to 8/14/2021. Scholars are billed for the duration of their stay in the US.

Policy summaries and brochures for the 2020/21 academic year can be found below

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Scholars and Students on OPT

Study Abroad Students

How do I make a UHC account?

1. Go to

2. Enter "Buffalo State"

3. Enter your Banner ID

4. Follow on-screen prompts to complete registration


Click below for a PDF of the instructions

Account Instructions

Where should I go to find a doctor?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate international student, you must visit Weigel Health Center before going to an outside doctor or hospital unless the health center is unavailable and you have a medical emergency.

Scholars should use the "Locate a Provider" tool within the United Health Care online account to locate a doctor that accepts the SUNY insurance.

Can my dependent be enrolled?

Buffalo State only enrolls the primary student or scholar in health insurance coverage. In order to add a dependent to your policy, you must log into your United Health Care online account and locate the "Add a Dependent" section. Payment for the dependent is made directly to United Health Care. 

I am on OPT. Can I continue my student coverage?

Yes, you may request to continue your coverage for the duration of your OPT, while you are not enrolled in classes. You will not be automatically enrolled. Please contact the insurance coordinator, Cassi Hamilton, for rates and instructions on how to pay.

I am graduating in December. Can you lower my insurance cost?

Please submit documentation to the insurance coordinator that you are on track to graduate. A determination will be made after review.

What are the dates of coverage and cost for the year?

Coverage dates: 8/15/20 to 8/14/21

Cost: $1,792.28 USD


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